Frequently Asked Questions.



Is my email confidential and secure?

Yes, account passwords are encrypted on our system and our staff cannot access your email. All information you tell us is encrypted.


What happens to information provided to you, will it be passed to third parties?

No, view our privacy policy by clicking here.


Internet Explorer settings

What security levels are required?

If you are experience problems while attempting to subscribe an account then review the following problem description and if describes your problem follow the link below for a fix.  "Whilst trying to sign up an account, at the page headed 'Loading installer control..', I get a windows alert box telling me that 'An ActiveX control on this page is not safe...', followed by the page hanging".  


This error may occur if your internet browsers security settings have been adjusted from the default settings and you are now preventing active-x components from running.  To resolve the problem you will need to reduce your security settings.  To find out how to adjust your settings and compare your settings with our recommended security levels click here.


Email accounts and settings

Is performance affected by your service?

No, noticeable performance is not affected. We have high levels of redundancy built into our systems.


How do I change or modify my account?

By logging into your account at LOG IN you can change the email address that is filtered, renew services, check services, add services and change email account password.


Do I need to change my email password if I change my password with my ISP?

Yes, if you modify the password of our email with your ISP you must change your email password with us to be the same. This is accessed on your account page (LOG IN)


What happens if your service stops working, will I lose my email?

By mirroring our secure mail relays in key locations with prime backbone sites kept with multiple Internet Service Providers, our system guarantees 99.99% service availability. The systems are located in high-security buildings with access control, power backup and fire suppression systems. If all systems were to go down emails would not be lost.


What happens if my email stops working?

First of all go to LOG IN and log in, click status to see if your account is performing correctly. If the error identifies a problem with your ISP you must call their helpdesk. If the problem identifies a problem with the filtering system a support call will automatically be registered and will be resolved. Further help can be found by ringing +44 1959 569432.


How do I manually add an email account?

If you would like your email account to be filtered by our service however, you are using an email client not supported by our automatic detection / configuration process you are still able to subscribe by manually configuring your account.  To learn how to add an account manually click here.



What virus scanning products are used?

The service is scanned by Sophos and Symantec anti virus products.


Will this service protect me 100% from virus?

As new viruses are released our systems get updated immediately, this means we offer the most up to date virus protection possible. General anti virus updates are updated four times a day. 


What happens to emails that I get sent that contain a virus?

The email is deleted and a report email is generated and sent to you. This email details who sent the virus, the subject of the email and the type of virus.


SPAM emails  

How does the anti-SPAM system work?

We and our partners have more than 100,000 email accounts worldwide all using different domains. These are "dummy" email accounts, i.e. nobody uses these accounts, instead we monitor the emails received through these accounts and when SPAM is received we update our systems to block all similar emails that may also be getting sent to your email address. For more information, click here.


How good is the system at blocking SPAM?

We update the anti-spam rules every minute or two, this means we stop most SPAM before it becomes an issue. We estimate to block over 99% of SPAM email. If you receive emails that you believe are SPAM after checking our SPAM definition, please email it as an attachment to


Can I view the SPAM emails that get blocked from my account?

Yes, first login to your control panel then click the "SPAM LOG" button and all emails blocked from your email for the past 30 days will be displayed.


Additional Services 

Can I add rules to block certain people from sending me emails?

Yes, you can set rules to block emails from any email address that sends emails to you. This is done via your webmail interface, details are provided in the "custom rule tutorial". 


Does the service offer webmail?

Yes, in addition to viewing your emails in an email client (i.e. Outlook Express) you will be able to view, send and write emails from any computer in the world that has Internet connection and a web browser. Access webmail by clicking on "LOG IN" from the mail menu.



Are my credit card details secure?

Yes, we use WorldPay as our secure payment merchant; details on the security can be found at


What is the contract length and what happens at the end?

We have no minimum contract length, the service is simply "pay as you use"