Details about our scanning service

Our scanning service can be split into two areas as follows:


Anti Virus

Through our partnership with EMF and Symantec Corporation, Message Cleaner has incorporated the power of Symantec Security Response into our scanning service providing around-the-clock support and analysis.

Our virus-identifying and blocking technology eliminates email-borne viruses and threats before they reach your mailbox(es). Symantec automatically sends updates to virus filtering rules, without requiring any system administration.

Symantec Security Response continually provides up-to-date definitions of viruses and engines to rid email attachments of viruses. Spamming viruses are identified through a Probe Network. This is a collection of strategically placed email addresses with a statistical reach of over 100 million mailboxes that collects SPAM for analysis by technicians.

Our servers host the collection of rules that filter virus-infected email from clean email. All email traffic is scanned for viruses before it passes through to your mailbox. All email attachments that can contain viruses (i.e. .doc, .xls, .zip, etc.) are scanned.


  • Identifies and eliminates email-borne viruses quickly and effectively.

  • Makes use of Symantec's award-winning anti-virus technology for detection and repair.


  • Updates anti-virus definitions and countermeasures automatically, with no action required by email users.

  • Features around-the-clock support from the Symantec Security Response and EMF, therefore monitoring and fighting virus attacks in real time.


A growing population of sophisticated spammers avoid basic filtering and detection. They use forged headers, disguised identities and altered message content. To combat this threat, MC uses the only server-side spam fighting solution that seeks out possible spam and applies human expert analysis. This approach defuses attacks before they inconvenience you.

Effective & Accurate

  • Fewer than 1 in 100,000 false positives

  • Established as the most effective anti-spam solution by eTesting Labs


  • Real-time detection and analysis

  • 24/365 analysis and rule writing


  • Users' mail is never opened, protecting privacy

For greater detail about our anti-spam solution, click here.