Sign-up Email Accounts Manually


If you are unable to use our active-x component to automatically check your system email accounts and sign you up, then you are still able to sign up to Message Cleaner however, you will need to add your email accounts manually.  


1) Click on subscribe or go to


2) Click on step 1 or the button "begin setup"


3) Toggle the radio button to the option that best describes you.


4) Click on this button


5) Fill in the appropriate information to add an account.


6) Your account will then be verified and checked and the account itinerary will be listed.  If the account verified okay then you will be able to click in the check box "tick to filter" next to that account name and then either add more accounts manually or click next to continue the subscription process.


7) You now need to complete the payment section, firstly click on the check box to accept conditions and then continue 


8) The final step is to fill in the payment form with your name, address and payment details.  After successfully completing the payment form you will receive notification by a pop up window, indicating that you will need to MANUALLY configure you email client software to point to the Message Cleaner server and enter your Message Cleaner account name and your pop3 password.


Your email account will now be filtered and your machine configured to collect email from our servers.