Domain email filtering (MC Enterprise)


The email network has rapidly become one of the most indispensable tools available to any business. However, it has also become a major threat to business continuity. The constant bombardment of e-mail borne viruses, unsolicited junk mail (spam), unwanted attachments and offensive content, is being delivered right into your office. Incredibly, these hazards are being delivered at your expense.


If your business has already recognised the threat, you may well have implemented virus-checking software. But unless it is being updated on a daily basis, it will not be able to keep up with the ever-changing nature of viruses. More software will be needed to address the spam and email content issue. All of this takes your hardware, management and network resource. E-mail management is our specialist business. MC Enterprise cleanses your mail before it reaches your site. It provides trusted e-mail with no viruses, no spam and gives you control over the delivery of large files. MC Enterprise will eliminate the threat and take away the pain so that you can concentrate on your business without distraction.


What are we offering?


  • A fully managed service which scans the contents of emails and stops all types of e-mail borne threats: viruses, worms and malicious macros and SPAM email before the emails arrive at your current mail server. Your mail is simply routed through one of our secure data centres and screened for viruses, SPAM and custom rules.


  • This service is managed 24/7 and requires no hardware or software changes. The virus protection system is updated centrally at source so that you have 100% peace of mind without doing anything!


  • Our service offers better protection against email threats than any single anti-virus product alone: we systematically virus-check every email attachment passing through our screening system. Furthermore, a dedicated team of programmers, network engineers and security experts continuously re-evaluate the threat detection methods to bring you up to the minute protection. 


  • Our SPAM detection service operates by detecting emails that are known as SPAM. All blocked SPAM messages are recorded in our logs so you can view online details of emails that have been blocked from entering your account. 


  • In addition to our anti-SPAM and anti-virus service we also offer custom rule creation.


  • The service can be controlled via a secure control panel (click here for screen shots).


How does it work?

Currently emails are send to your mail server, usually with your ESP (email service provider) or on your network as shown below:

Once you subscribe to our service your emails are route through our systems as shown below:

Emails are routed through our system by adding additional MX records to your DNS. Once our scanning has taken place emails are routed to the next MX record, i.e. where your emails currently get delivered.

What are the key benefits?

  • No changes to e-mail infrastructure

  • No purchases of new hardware
  • No purchases of new e-mail security software or anti-virus licenses
  • Reduced legal liabilities
  • Reduce employees wasted time viewing unwanted emails
  • Protect employees against offensive emails
  • Protect network from damaging email spread threats
  • Increased available bandwidth

What are the key features?

  • Web based control panel
  • Custom rule creation that can scan and action incoming / outgoing emails as follows:
Condition Action
  • Who from
  • Who to
  • Email size
  • Subject content
  • Body content
  • Attachment type / name
  • Any email header
  • Time email recieved


  • Allow and by pass SPAM filtering
  • Delete
  • Redirect to another email address(s)
  • Copy to another email address(s)
  • Quarantine
  • Alert domain administrator