ISP email filtering (MC ISP)


This product allows ISPs to offer full emailfiltering to their clients. Filtering can be applied per domain or for individual POP mail boxes. A multi access level control interface allows individual users, domain administrators or system administrators to access accounts via web control panel.


The system can either be installed as an MTA in an ISP's network or can be hosted remotely by MC as an ASP.


Email traffic is scanned in the following way:



What are we offering?


  • Option of a fully managed service which scans the contents of emails and stops all types of e-mail borne threats: viruses, worms and malicious macros and SPAM email before the emails arrive at ISP mail server.


  • Our service offers better protection against email threats than any single anti-virus product alone: we systematically virus-check every email attachment passing through our screening system. Furthermore, a dedicated team of programmers, network engineers and security experts continuously re-evaluate the threat detection methods to bring you up to the minute protection. 


  • Our SPAM detection service operates by detecting emails that are known as SPAM. All blocked SPAM messages are recorded in our logs so you can view online details of emails that have been blocked from entering your account. 


  • In addition to our anti-SPAM and anti-virus service we also offer custom rule creation.


  • The service can be controlled via a secure control panel.


What are the key benefits?

  • Reduced legal liabilities
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Protect customers against offensive emails
  • Protect customer networks from damaging email spread threats
  • Increase available bandwidth to customers

What are the key features?

  • Web based control panel (multi-level access)
  • Custom rule creation that can scan and action incoming / outgoing emails as follows:
Condition Action
  • Who from
  • Who to
  • Email size
  • Subject content
  • Body content
  • Attachment type / name
  • Any email header
  • Time email recieved


  • Allow and by pass SPAM filtering
  • Delete
  • Redirect to another email address(s)
  • Copy to another email address(s)
  • Quarantine
  • Alert domain administrator

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